Internal consumption without active outputs EP500 Pro

Dear Community,

I have had an EP500 Pro for a few weeks. This serves as my storage for a small solar system (800Wp). I love this powerstation, but one thing I find extremely strange and wanted to know your experiences about it.

The EP500 Pro charges during the day via the solar panels. At night, when there is no sun, the EP500 Pro stays in “standby” with ECO mode on. Every time I look at the battery level in the morning, there is 10% less in the battery than the night before. This takes several hours on a cloudy day to make up for this loss.

This is of course very unattractive. The EP500 Pro does turn on automatically when one of the inputs is active, but it does not turn off when there are no more active inputs. Is this a setting thing? How do you handle this?

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@Selfmadestrom I recommend checking the result of SOC if you turn off the PV function during the night. Here are 2 reasons: 1. There is no input power from the Solar panel at the night but the PV itself power consumption gonna cost from EP500 pro. 2. in the earlier morning, the slight shine might activate the PV and EP500 “Eco Mode” but the power is not enough to recharge Ep500 pro from PV . The self-consumption of EP500 pro and PV caused a 10% loss. Please let me know the result if you turn off the pv at night

Hi there!

Thanks for your comment. When its really dark outside and the EP500 dont reconize the PV Input anymore, i just turned it off manually. In this case there is much less battery drained. In the morning its start charging without touching it (which is great).

Would it be possible to include a feature in the Firmware of theese units where it self turned off complete? Like you where pressing the button next to the display.

This can be a great addition to the Charge/discharge scheduler or just a basic slider in main menu (Something like “turn off Powerstation if there no active input and outputs”). I see this feature get multiple times wished in other forums.

Would be happy to hear back from you


@Selfmadestrom Dear Erik,
Here are some tips that might be helpful:
10.2. Enable UPS Running Mode
10.2.1 Standard UPS Mode
●Offline UPS: Basic UPS Working Mode
EP500Pro will power your load directly from the grid and maintain a 100%
charge. When grid power fails, the EP500Pro switches to internal batteries.
10.2.2. Time Control UPS Mode
●This allows you to set the times that EP500Pro will be charged via grid power
and the times to run loads from its battery.

Charge Time: Set the time of EP500Pro when to be charged by the grid to avoid
the higher time-of-use electricity (peak) rates, normally set to off-peak times.
Discharge Time: Set the time to use the EP500Pro batteries to power the loads
connected to the AC output port of EP500Pro or Sub Panel (Optional Purchase).
Usually set during peak-rate hours.

●Parameter Setting:
Battery SOC Low: When the remaining capacity of EP500Pro is under the
preset Battery SOC Low state, the EP500Pro will stop powering loads connected
to the AC output ports of the EP500Pro or Sub Panel (Optional Purchase).
Battery SOC High: The maximum capacity EP500Pro can be charged via grid.
The remaining percentage will be charged either by solar (PV) or 2nd adapter.

Just Power On
10.2.3. PV Priority UPS Mode
●PV Priority Mode: This mode is recommended for areas with stable grid power.
The battery will be recharged mainly by PV for power savings.
●Note: In PV Priority Mode, EP500Pro can only be recharged via the grid to
30% capacity, and also discharge to 30% of the capacity (you can tweak
it to 100% for full grid charging manually on touchscreen or App) as the
" Reserved capacity for PV charging". And rest of the capacity will be fully
charged from either solar power or 2 adaptors.

10.2.4. Customized UPS Mode
●Charge/Discharge time and High/Low Battery SOC can be set in this UPS mode.
●Ability to disable the grid charging. The unit will not charge batteries from the grid.
●Apart from Time Control UPS, the main switch of grid charging and time mode
settings are involved. The setting of “Time Setting” and “SOC Setting” will take
effect on both PV Priority Mode and Time Control Mode.

Which of theese modes is the best when i only connect it to PV and use the inverter at day?

@Selfmadestrom I suggest setting on the Time Control Setting, PV automatically turns off during the night and running on the daytime


Working Mode: Charge 6:30 am to 7:00pm

After 7:00 PM its stop charging and go too sleep mode?