Intermittent Wireless Charging on EB3A

I love my EB3A and carry it everywhere, but I’ve noticed that when I set my phone on it to charge, the wireless charging shuts off after a few minutes. I read here about ECO mode and thought it was that, but it does it regardless of whether ECO is on or not. It seems to be more consistent when I’m charging another item along with the phone, but even then it’s not all the time. Any ideas why wireless charging would just shut off like that?

@SKKitsap Please check if your phone has QI protocol. Also, please take off your phone case to test.

Hi @SKKitsap

Does it really charge, when you put it on the pad? Or just seemed to be on charge?



It does actually charge for at least a few minutes at a time.

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Yes, it actually does have QI wireless charging. I’ve charged it up wirelessly many times.

@SKKitsap Is your phone system IOS? Our power stations might not work with iPhones by wireless charging because of the iPhone IOS system mechanism. I’m sorry about that.