Intermittent Bluetooth connection; no internet connection

Purchased two AC300 units late March 2023. One functions flawlessly. The only issue I have is updating the firmware version. The latest version is not seen or accessible. The second unit will not connect to the internet and the Bluetooth connection is weak. It too also doesn’t display version updates. Both did update once to the former update but not the latest update and the latest firmware update is not seen nor is it accessible. Any suggestions?

@Rthomas18 Here are some solutions for you:

  1. The APP should be updated to the latest version
  2. Turn off and then turn on the Bluetooth of the machine and mobile phone to try
  3. If you still can’t connect, log out of the account and try offline mode to direct Bluetooth connection to see if you can connect to the machine. If you can connect, it may be that the mobile phone signal is not good, because after logging in to the account and binding the device to connect to the machine with Bluetooth, the mobile phone network signal needs to be maintained.
  4. Re-download the APP and try again.

By the way, please provide me with the SN and the firmware version and I can check if there is a firmware fit for your situation.