Intelligent panels

I’m surprised that some level of circuit intelligence can’t be designed into panels. I have two PV350 panels that I hook up in series. On my deck I have a window of full exposure for about 3 hours. Then the roof over my sun porch starts to create shade onto a small portion of one PV350. This shade area is only a couple 2” across the bottom. It causes a wattage drop from around 500 to less than 200 watts. Unreal that this much shade can drag the whole setup down that far. So I have to disconnect o be PV350 to get it back to at least 250. Im obvious not an electrical engineer in the slightest but I would like to think that some sort of power logic could compensate some how and prevent this drag by such a small shade area. No question here just a mild rant.

Did you try putting them in parallel?