Instruction Book Clarifications

I just opened my AC180 and on page 7 at the bottom of the page there is a caution sticker that appears to be added since publication. Please advise further details.

Are you referring to this paragraph?

Sorry no. It was dealing with the requirement of attaching a ground wire but none was provide and not enough information or diagram. Is this a major safety issue?

@bluetti_reh0hotmailcom Can you take a picture of the relevant information and send it to me?

Here is a pic of what they were asking about.

I have the same question regarding the ground terminal sticker. Is it only needed when a gas powered generator or solar panels are used? I assume the unit is grounded when connected to a wall outlet. A video to provide us some examples would be great. (indoor/outdoor with different types of sources)

This may help.
I can confirm that there is continuity of the ground connection from the AC input socket to the AC output sockets as well as to the ground terminal.