input voltage not adjustable

I can’t adjust the input voltage. the power machine does not accept the entered value. the password is also not accepted

@User1981 Sorry, the input voltage cannot be adjusted. However, the input current can be adjusted.
The password to adjust the input current is 159873. Set the current to be less than the maximum current that can be supplied by the circuitry connected to the machine, including sockets, wires, and circuit breakers.

The input current changes, the power will also change accordingly.


As already written, I can’t even change the ampere number with the password. it simply doesn’t allow numbers other than 10 amps

Maybe it would be useful to know on which Software Versions you are. If we have the same versions, i will test it out

@User1981 Please check if you have turned on silent mode. If yes, please turn off it to test.