Input Voltage from PV in

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My AC200 Max is perfectly charging with 3 x 410W rigid panels connected in series. With the active sunlight it even shows 930W PV input in the app (which I’m not sure even possible, given the specified max solar input). So if I got it right, the input wattage may be bigger 900W as far as input voltage doesn’t exceed 145V. I know that the input voltage can be checked in the “Data” menu of power station, but is there a chance to indicate this information right in the application? That would truly help to those users that are looking to increase the number of connected solar panel in order to consume more power from the sun, but to control the voltage in different conditions.

@sunhouse Yes, as long as the open circuit voltage does not exceed 145V.
As for displaying the input voltage in the app, this can’t be done yet. I’ll submit your feedback on that first.

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