Input cable configuration?


Solar newbie here again with input cable questions.

I have an eb70 and two XTAR SP100 panels. When ordering the panels I also got the Y-cable (8mm to 8mm) to charge the eb70 at 200 watts input. The XTAR SP100 panels output is 8mm.

I have an AC200P scheduled to be delivered tomorrow along with two more of the XTAR SP100 panels. I want to be able to parallel the four SP100 panels into the AC200P.

My question…
What cable configuration would be needed to connect the four panels to the AC200P? Here are pics. Am I on the right track?

Thank You!

No, you will not be able to parallel four panels for the AC200 series. This will exceed the amperage limit because when you connect in parallel, the amperage of each panel is added to the total which will exceed the incoming amperage limit of the AC200 series. You will also not receive any charging connected in parallel because the voltage from the panel(s) must be a minimum of 35 volts which you will not see when connecting in Parallel. You do not need any of the branch parallel combiner cables when connecting in series. Panels that come with attached MC4 connections are the most versatile and adaptle to a wide variet of connections. The 8mm cables shown in your pics are a little more challending but it does look like you have 8mm to MC4 adapter cables included. 8mm cable connections have a bad habit of pulling loose and are not nearly as secure or waterproof as the MC4 units.

You can however connect the four panels in “series” which will keep the amperage the same as a single panel and the voltage output of each panel will then be added as a total. You will end up with about 75 volts or so which is well within the 35 to 150 volt input range.

If you are expecting 400 watts of available solar input, you are going to be dissapointed. Most panels rarely are able to meet their “advertised” outputs. That output needs to be on a perfect cloud, humidy, lattitude, time, etc day which almost never occurs. You will be doing good to get 70 to 75 watts per panel. When connecting to the EB70, there is an 8 amp incoming limit and if you times your panels output voltage by 8 (amps) that will give you your theoretical max charge rate which will be in the 160 watt range.

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Hello Scott-Benson![image|690x479]

Understand now that panels in series will be the way I need to go to connect my four panels. (See diagram below.) My panels came with a Y-cable (8mm to MC4). So, I would need to connect 8mm to panel and one MC4 black to a MC4 red of the next panel, then black to red, and so on. I would end up with a single red & black to connect to the MC4 Solar charging cable (MC4 to XT90) that comes with my Bluetti AC200P. Do I have that part down?

Using the Parameters of the XTAR SP100 panels below, Using four panels in series what would be the max watt output.

Thank you for all your help.


Yes, it sounds like you understand well and are on the right path

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@nan24 And I would add to @Scott-Benson & make sure you take a multimeter to the mc4 cables coming off your 8mm to mc4 adapter to make sure the polarity is correct before plugging into you unit. I’ve seen a couple instances where these adapters have been setup wrong. :metal:

Throw away those 2 input 1 output cables. You don’t need them and they are only confusing you. Connect the 4 panels in series!!!

Hello rgburrill,

Appreciate your advice about the Y-cable. Being a newbie I was getting confused about how to connect solar panels; series - parallel. After lots of reading and help from the Community I think I have it figured out.

The AC200P with four XTAR panels need to be in series.
The eb70’s with two XTAR panels need to be in parallel (Y cable).

Thank you for the caution concerning the Y cable use with the AC200P.