Input and output control on a powerstation

Hi i’m Michele writing from Italy,

i would know if a power station Bluetti could be used controlling input, with a limit choosed from user, and using the accumulated energy of the battery to compensate situation whent the output is more than the input;

i’m not really good at english, i hope i explained myself, sorry;

Michele Gabriele

Hi @MiGabri , welcome to BLUETTI community :blush:
Are you referring to wanting to purchase a generator that controls the input power when charging? We are very sorry, but we do not have this type of power station at the moment. Thank you for your time!

Ciao @MiGabri , benvenuto nella community BLUETTI.
Ti riferisci al fatto di voler acquistare un generatore che controlla la potenza in ingresso durante la ricarica? Siamo spiacenti, ma al momento non disponiamo di questo tipo di centrale elettrica. Grazie per il tuo tempo!

Hi Bluetti Admin,

thanks for the italian answer that is better language for me ^^;

i also asked to the sales support from Bluetti site and they answered me differently, so now i do not know what to think;

they told me that AC300+B300 and EP500Pro have the possibility i asked for…