Informations about T500 AC adapter

Hi, I have just bought the Ac300 combo with 2 modules B300 from European store (I’m in Italy). I need the T500 Ac adapter to recharge the B300 module but I’ve seen that this product is only avaible from UK store and American store, not in the European store. Why? In the European store there is only the T400 Ac adapter avaible (Is it ok for the B300?). I’ve tryed to ask for informations to the European customare care by email, twitter, facebook before and after the purchase without having any answer. Does the customare care exist? Thanks

The T500 AC adapter is a noisy fan unit at 500 watts. I wish that I could have the quiet T400 unit here in America, even if it is only 400 Watts. It should work fine on the B300 but just a little slower.

Yes probably the T400 will work as well, but I have to be sure. But I would prefer to have the T500 because it’s faster. I don’t understand why the T500 is only for American and UK market.

Hi @Albert , We are very sorry, we have confirmed with the relevant personnel that the T500 is currently out of stock in Europe.

Hi @BLUETTI Thanks for your answer. Ok the T500 is out of stock in Europe but the T400 is good anyway to recharge the B300? More or less how many hours the T400 need to recharge the B300? Thanks

20% longer than the T500

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Hi thank you for the information