Induction Cooktops with EB70, Followup on Collapsible Travel Kettle

So far, I have acquired the Instant Pot Mini 3 quart, and the Brentwood Collapsible Travel Kettle, and confirmed that both work well with the EB70–no shutdowns, no issues.

Per my KillAWatt meter, the kettle draws about 96-102 Wh for a full boil to auto shutdown, full to the max line at 0.8 liters, in about 9 minutes, with the draw shown on the EB70 at 680 watts.

I did some comments in a prior blog entry on the Instant Pot, and have now used it several times without issue.

My current question has to do with induction cooktops. Most are adjustable as to wattage, but several videos on YouTube suggest that at the lower wattages that the EB70 likely could live with, the power is cycling on and off through PWM (pulse wave modulation, I think), and the wattage remains high, in the 1000 watt range, even in the lowest settings. I imagine that the EB70 would likely not tolerate that. Any opinions or experience out there?

Here are the video links:

I have an EB55 and a single induction element cook top for emergencies. I will do my own experiment later.

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My cook top is from Farberware and rated at 1300 watts, so I cannot test it on my EB55.