Incredible Customer Service

I had ordered a couple of AC500 Power Stations/B300S Batteries and as part of the promotion, I was offered to purchase PS70 Portable Power Stations. I ordered several of the PS70 units as gifts. Two of the units arrived DOA - Dead on Arrival. I contacted Bluetti and was fortunately connected with a great customer rep - Vanessa.

Vanessa worked with me and while unable to replace the defective units, she replaced the two units with two EB3A’s and to make me whole, she added two 12-volt car adapters. Vanessa also kept me up to date with all ordered items.

All I can say, is if you are fortunate to have Vanessa as your rep - you will be 100% statisfied.

Thanks…Abe Azar


Thanks for sharing. Anyone who is active a bit longer in these forums knows the stories of customer service going bad so it’s good to read that it can go better as well. Keep them coming.


@abeazar Thank you so much for your compliment to Vanessa, I have forwarded it to her

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Have anyone come across Bluetti refused to refund the item just bought less than 3 days?

After checking with support, they said your two orders have been received and unpacked, and do not meet the current no-excuse return policy.
Details are subject to their email response to you.
Please contact our order support via email at if you have any further questions, and thank you again for your understanding.

reply from -
Unfortunately, we do not normally accept returns of products after opening the box, as you will find in our returns policy, and if you insist on returning them, we will charge a breakage fee of A$200 per item, which we reserve the right to refuse your refund request if you are not willing to pay.

The operative word here is “normally”. I’d bite the bullet on the $200 fee to remove the impediment to resolution. Bluetti usually comes thru, but it takes an inordinate amount of patience.

Depending on your location you may have the right to return your item for a full refund based on your consumer law. Please inform yourself about the rules and procedure.

Under EU law, you have the right to return your remote (internet) purchase within 14 days without questions asked.
You are allowed to take the product out of the box and inspect it like you would in a regular shop.

In Aus yes but Bluetti power refused.

It looks like Australian consumer law does not give you the right of a 14 day-no-questions-asked return policy for a full refund. So you will have to do with the Bluetti policies there. Keep the unit as it is or return it following the limitations of the Bluetti returns policy.

(If you were in the EU, the EU consumer law would give you the right of a full refund on an opened box, and Bluetti policies cannot overrule that.)