Incredible 119W from PV120

Hi everyone,
I want to share my surprise when I read 119W(!) on my EB3A plugged to PV120.
Can anyone explain how come this is possible whereas at the same time my PV68 was giving 35W.
That makes me wonder if all these readings are really accurate or not ?


That’s great it shows how well the PV120 is running with the EB3A. I would say the readings are accurate. Maybe the EB3A is having trouble power point tracking with the PV68 or perhaps the PV68 is damaged in some way? Can you test the panel with another unit? I have seen reviews of the PV68 where it’s getting 65 watts so I think it should do better for you.

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That’s great! Hope you get more days with this type of wattage.

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Hi @Mark83
Really enjoy the PV Series. Its well crafted and have great power! Glad you enjoy your PV120 too!

About he PV68:
There can be varios reasons why its not deliever the power you expect. Simple things like its dirty or wrong place. You can also check if your power income is affected, when you cover one of the sides. If you dont have any losses or minimal losses when covering, the panel might be defective.