Increase wattage capability

Is it possible to increase the wattage capability of the AC200P by adding one from the EB series

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@LouGee EB series models, it is the host not the battery pack. The hosts cannot be connected to each other, much less expanded.

I have a Ac200p which has a wattage output of 2000W, my requirements have increased therefore I need to upgrade, what are my options

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Add a B230 expansion battery.


if I’m going to spend $1300+ for a B230, can I use an AC200max instead?

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Adding a B230 expansion battery increases the Wh battery capacity by 2048 Wh; but does not increase the power, Watts, output of the power station. :tipping_hand_man:

An AC200MAX has an output power of 2200 Watts. :tipping_hand_man:
Is that going to be enough ??

i’ll require 3500Wh, so what do I need if I want to increase Wh and wattage power

Read up in the Bluetti website, start with the AC300, then up, and up … AC500 and up in power, Watts, capacity.

Also search here for the specific power stations, and also search YouTube !!