Incomplete order

Ordered AC500 and B300S plus access9/23/22. Still have not received AC500 Standalone Kit and Car Charging Cable. Kit is what I need the most.

@djones96 After checking with the IGG crowdfunding department, I learned that the accessories have not yet arrived due to logistics delays. May I ask where your area is? I can ask for an estimated shipping time for you.

I received the AC500 Standalone Kit today BUT was no key to open the door to the breaker box and it is locked!

Dan Jones
mil: 512-917-4327

My apologies, I did get the AC500 Standalone box open and the keys were inside. Was just hard to open and thought was locked. Sorry for the trouble. Now I can get my solar working, exited to get all connected.


Glad to hear that.
You can contact our crowdfunding department directly for any subsequent usage questions. Thank you