I'm just a newbie, got problem with Bluetti AC200p

I just bought BLUETTI AC200P from bluetti_official about 2 weeks ago, so far its Ok. But it’s just one thing about technical problem that I did not pay attention on bluetti ebay store posting a message:

Q4: Why should I deplete the battery first and recharge it to 100% when I receive the new product?

A: In this way, you can re-calibrate the State of Charge system to reflect actual charge and prevent unusual battery discharge.

I didn’t follow the messages.
Now, my Bluetti power station AC200p is just charging solar 400w to 500w up to 71%, then it is lock up to 100% and stop charging anymore. I have to use the power making its going down lower than 100% then it’s continued charging.So, Please help me how to reset or do something to corect charging state that make it is as full as 2000W . I’m really appreciated . Thanks

Hi @Amituofo2022 , sorry for inconvenience.

Have you tried to calibrate the machine?

First discharge the machine to 0%, then charge it to 100% with the AC port. During this time it needs to be charged continuously, not disconnected, and not with a loaded device.

Please follow the above method and loop twice and then see if the AC200P still has this problem. Thank you for your cooperation.

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It’s working great now after following your instructions.
I’m happy with Bluetti AC200p now!
Just having another question if I add B230 to AC200p, is it anyway I can charge solar at the same time for both AC200p and B230 when they’re connected. If so, please show me how to connect them together. My solar panels are generated from 100w to 550w as it’s showing input at different time frame based on outside condition.

Hi @Amituofo2022 , The situation you describe is achievable. A D050S also needs to be connected.

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