Ideas for sp350 solar panel temporary mounting

I have 3 sp350 350w solar panels. I am trying to make a charging station with the 3 panels. Does anyone have any plans or ideas to help me?

I want to make a rack that can be raised and lowered up to my roof for the panels to charge as opposed to laying them on the ground.


I have eb240 which 1 panel can charge, ac200p which 2 panels can charge, and ep500pro which uses 3 panels. .


I made up a simple rack on wheels for temporary use of my five SP200’s. They can go on or off it in 10 minutes or less when needed and the rack can be moved around to face the sun.


Nice! Can you some photos of the back structure?

Sure, here’s a couple. It’s not quality craftsmanship but something I threw together with scrap 2x4’s I had laying around.

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Looks great to me. Thanks for sharing !

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Nice, but would not work for us as we are full time RVer’s. We thought about something like that but to large to transport. Thank you for posting.