I think I’ve finally added enough solar panels and batteries😛

9 pm and I still have 92% backup!
AC500 stays unplugged from wall outlet.
Batteries were topped off to 100% before 10 am.
Each of 4 B300s batteries has it’s own solar panels.
AC500 has 2 arrays for 2460 watts.

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So you are charging the main AC500 with 2 strings and you also have a panel connected to each of the B300s? Does the AC500 know the B300 are being charged at the same time? Do you see the indicator there? Or just that the B300 fills up faster?

The system can be charged from multiple sources at the same time, but the app shows only the main PV (DC1 and DC2) and Grid input. No doubt the batteries communicate with the AC500 and the charging gets redistributed as the SOC values are fairly balanced.

I’ve never seen the system recharge so early in the day before. Beforehand, it would be after noon to reach 100%, and if cloudy they couldn’t reach 100%. I suppose the real test will come if/when we get multiple cloudy days in a row, but that’s pretty rare in Vegas.

I can rotate most of the panels from east to west, and even though we lose direct sunlight early in the valley, the panels still gathers a few hundred watts reflected from the sky.

sounds great, i also have a AC500, only one Batt at this time. it has been a tad hard to find the “right” size panels to fit the AC500 specs,
i have 400W going into the batt, 800W on DC1 and 1000W on DC2
can you please tell me what panels you found that work for you