I received my 200Max yesterday

I received my 200Max yesterday and configured the 200Max with my old 200P. My plan was to use the 500-watt charging block to charge my 200P from my 200Max. The solar runs into the 200Max. It works great. One thing I did not realize, because I had not used the power block before, was that when the 200P gets to 100% charged, the charger shuts down. That way the whole thing is automatic.
The only problem I have is that my 1,340 watts of solar that used to put in the 700-watt maximum in the 200P in the summer, is now on a relatively cloudy day, only pushing 350 watts into the 200Max. Anyway, I’m happy with both units. When I get my D050s I will see if it is more efficient than the 500-watt charging block.

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Curious, when did you order your 200MAX? Glad u got it. I really wanted to order it at this last sale but not committing funds for new bluetti products when prior orders pd for but not yet fullfilled/shipped.

Roxie, my order was dated Sept 17th.

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@Pistulka99 Hi there,

The charging by solar panels is automatic.

There are some factors that affect the rate of charging using solar panels.

  1. The amount of sunlight
  2. Conversion rate of solar panels
  3. The angle you place the solar panel
  4. The length of the solar cable
    If the solar panel conversion rate is 70%, only 70W of 100W solar panels are available.
    If the sun’s light is too weak, the conversion will also fall.
    If you charge the unit on a cloudy day, the power would be very weak.

Thank You,
I was not questioning why I was only getting 350 watts. I was just stating it as a fact. I knew that with shorter days in fall and winter, and less direct sunshine, the panels were going to produce less power. I just hope the next power outage comes on a sunny day.

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Do you have 4 x 335W panels in a 2s2p setup? That would give a Voc around 90V and maybe 18A of max current. Pretty idea for a 700-900w input. There’s not too much you can do about the sun on a cloudy winter day, besides perhaps adding more panels.

I have 4 x 210W and 5 X 100W. The 210s are in series and the 100s are in series wired in parallel into the house. Like I said I could easily max out the 200P at 700W. My problem is that was in the summer. I was waiting for the 200MAX to arrive, and I have not gotten around to taking the panels apart and facing them in the correct direction. When do that, I will most likely come close to the 900W on the 200MAX on a good day.