I purchase 2 EP500 pros plus Transunion cable

I have decided to go all out for the protection I need in the Desert area that I live in. My AC200P will do the basic stuff. 2000 wh does not last very long so that unit is a little disappointing I see people wasting their money on the 50, 100 and 300 and 500. Good for the teens cell phone charger but what else. O yes the dogs electric blanket.
Anyway I made the commitment as a great impulse buyer. But seriously I feel that the SHTF will happen as it is happening in Texas , hurricanes and tornadoes. Power grid outages due to fires in California. I have generators that run on propane and 8 Bourge Rv 180 watt solar panels and 4 100 watt portable for my small trailer.
All set up.

I look at this as insurance. Would you cancel fire and earthquake insurance when your house is free and clear. I wouldn’t and I don’t

Good luck Bluetti fans

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Are you getting the subpanel? I confirmed it is UL listed. I got just one Pro plus the subpanel, to run essentials that are hard wired and hopefully the entire kitchen.

I’m sure I could have gotten a subpanel for less elsewhere, but the Bluetti one looks really nice and easy.

Bluetti UPS subpanel
Bluetti UPS subpanel single phase wiring

Yes I am getting the subpanel. I already have one that hooks to my propane generator that cost $300.
The reason I bought Bluetti one for $500 is it will work well with the 2 500 Pro’s I bought. It appears.

I was living just north of Austin when we went through our winter freezing temps with no power. Thankfully I had the ac200. I was able to run induction cooktop, have our internet stuff plugged in (thank god as it allowed my husband to work remotely the whole time) refrigerator and still make hot coffee. You’re right, it doesn’t last for long. If I still lived in a house, I probably would buy the 2 ep500 pro. I’m travelling in my motorhome now and my ac200 is with me. I plug the entire rv into it when we are sleeping overnight at a rest area or walmart.

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I had an electrician install my UPS Box (sub panel) . After hooking up my EP500 Pro, i got the 008. OCP Over current protection - hardware alert.

It says on the manual to reboot to reset. How do I do that? I powered the system down and up and it seems to still be there. Is there a procedure to reset?