I’m ready to try installing a transfer switch for AC500

AC500 and 2 B300s batteries.
I’m ready to progess to a transfer switch after using extension power cords everywhere, which has reduced my electric bill to around $0.90 per day. The power company website shows I’m down to using around 3Kwh per day from the grid. I’m set up using PV Priority. I unplugged the AC500 from the grid because it was drawing some power from the house outlet. Now it only gets power from my PV arrays.

I’ve tried following the confusing discussions and watched the Reliance videos. Is it really that straightforward, as I saw other people having grounding problems, and needing some kind of special grounding plug?

Is the AC500 good to go if I install your Reliance transfer switch exactly as in the video? Is there anything else I need to know first?

@St8kout For the wiring diagram of single-phase AC500, please refer to the following.
The sub-panel in the diagram refers to Reliance home smart panel.