I love my Bluetti 200 Max!

I’ve been using now for 6 months in my van.
I deliver time sensitive freight across the country as an expediter and I primarily live in the van when not visiting family.
My Bluetti powers everything I need in my Van, including a 12 V refrigerator, my Keurig, my rechargeable batteries for power tools, my CPAP machine, my two max air fans, my diesel heater, my LED light strip and more!
I have been very pleased with it. Happy to see the new app design, helpful guides and one touch support options.
I drive 100,000 miles a year so it charges through my inverter off the starting battery / alternator. There are times though when I can sit for a day or two and I’ll be adding some Solar to complement soon.


Thank you very much for your sharing! :partying_face: :partying_face:
In the follow-up, we will hold an event called “Show off your BLUETTI to win the souvenir”. We look forward to your participation together with your AC200MAX!

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In the Netherlands, we would say: “Keurig!” (Neat/Excellent) :grinning:

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