I just ordered these from Signature Solar for EP500pro

I just ordered 2 of these batteries. Shipping was $187 for 2 less $50 from David Poz discount (thanks) NO sales tax. Total $3135.80. I am using these to double the capacity of the 2 EP500pros that I am buying.
48V 100AH Battery by EG4

  • DAVIDPOZ25 (-$50.00) 2 $2,998.00

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Cost summary|Description|Price|
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|Total|USD $3,135.80|

Updated total price: $3,135.80

Nice! I was about to ask if they were GYLL batteries, but it looks like they’ve rebranded to EG4-LL… Which seems like a totally random mash of letters, a number and a symbol. LOL. Keep us posted on your progress!

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Will do thanks… Looks like they may ship soon, but who knows. I think it is important to increase power for Ac200P and Ep500pro. They just dont have enough power in my opinion. My first priority living in the Southern Cal desert is to power a couple of 5000 watt AC units when the SHTF. The big one and all that. Refrig and fans and lights too. I have 10 Borge RV 180 watt solar panels in series to charge everything.

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