I have an AC200P from a third-party seller on Amazon - How can I check that my charger is a genuine T400?

Hello everyone,

I noticed on the “new” AC200P from amazon (unwittingly purchased from a third-party seller) that the charger did not look like a T500 charger I throught was included (Bluettin branded with a fan), so I sent a picture of the charger to the Bluetti support team.

I was told that this was a T400, one of the two options for the charging brick that could be shipped with an AC200P, and pointed out that they could not honor the warranty for a third-party (unauthorized) reseller.

It seems the charger does not have T400 or Bluetti written on it at all, and ther is a charging light that I thought was only for the T500 charger.

I would say this looks different than a the T400 image from Bluetti website
However, the wattage and voltage looks correct, if it works and charges 380-400W, I won’t worry about it. They are likely made in similar regions of the world

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Thanks. I did find a video from Hobotech on YouTube (it is highlighted in the product page by Bluetti), and his two chargers look exactly like mine.

Despite the off branding, it is clear I have the right charger.