I have 2 eb3a units. Using one to back up power to 1 desktop and 2 monitors. One of my old monitors would turn off and then power back up.

I have 2 eb3a units. Using one to back up power to 1 desktop and 2 monitors. Power went off a few times and it kept everything on. Then one of my old monitors would turn off and then power back up. I had built the desktop computer and thought it was the problem. Updated bios and tested memory. Pulled out the memory and retested. Updated all drivers. Then both monitors would shut off together and turn back on. Checked the power supply on desktop build. Ran diagnostics and memory tests. Of course checked power and sleep settings. They were always off. I was about to suspect the mother board then I looked at the eb3a. I said go my self it couldn’t be because the desktop lights wouldn’t even flicker when the monitors would go off. I also changed hdmi and display cords. I switched out monitors. Nothing worked to solve it until I removed the eb3a as backup for power outages. Solved. What a journey it was to discover the problem. 2nd experience that has me disappointed in my back up power purchases and plans.
I have 1- AC180 that I hooked up and it is working flawlessly so far. Maybe I had too much on the eb3a. Not sure. Any idea of possible issues with this situation on the eb3a’s?

Hi @PortablePower

so your problem is that the monitors dont work the EB3A?

That could be a few things.

Some displays use really much power when they turn on and a desktop use a lot of power too. Maybe you just over the limit of the inverter or the time to switch from grid to battery is too slow for you monitors



I was under 350 watts of power usage with desktop and 2 monitors because I throttled down the desktop. It still would shut down both monitors intermittently. The question I have is am I limited on the eb3a ups to charge wattage or inverter wattage. If I’m limited to 200 watt charge wattage, then that’s it. If not I was under the 600 watt inverter.

My ac180 is currently connected to another system with 4 monitors and a gaming desktop pulling about 500 watts average and it is doing fantastic. My current eb3a’s also power up lighting in an out building. They are convenient and perfect for that scenario. No issues with the lighting.

When the monitors shut off, is there anything happend on the EB3A Display? Like a error code or something?

No. But, I did have an error code a few times when I was testing the unit originally. The test results were fine and the unit protected itself shutting it down. The unit runs great except for the UPS part. I’m not sure about the pass thru limits. It may be the solar charging limit. What do you think?

Power that the grid cant provide is taken from the battery. So i dont think your input is a problem.

Did you update your unit to the latest firmware?

I keep them updated. It’s definitely with the eb3a because I took it out of the loop and no more issues. I’ve also checked the current draw again and it is only 225 watts average. I used the eb3a in question this weekend on lights and no issues. I thought maybe my gold rated desktop power supply was spiking but, haven’t noticed anything yet. I’m not sure if I would without special equipment. Thanks for your help!

hmm, so the inverter of EB3A should easily handle this.

What UPS Mode do you use?

Standard charging mode. UPS is automatic when plugged in and AC mode is on. Update- I purchased a UPS and hooked it up today. Storm came in so I unplugged from the utilities and supplied power to the new UPS with the eb3a. Lol. No shutdowns. Wasting power because it uses 2 inverters but, just wanted to test it out during this storm and see what the amount of hours I can use during a power down situation. Also running a grid down test on my other desktop using the ac180. That one is doing great.