I can't charge with AC charger 58 v

Hello, today the ac200max stopped working when the battery was empty. indeed the Ac 58.8 v charger displays the green led and the fan of this one turns.
I checked the voltage in the round socket of the 58v charger. if I connect between the outer part and the inner part there is 58.8V but if I connect between the outer part and the central pin there is 0V. if i move the charger or the ac200max, sometimes the led of the ac charger turns red and starts charging. I managed to do the latest firmware update of the BMS but nothing helped. I tried a factory reset and nothing happened. I have not been able to determine if it is the 58v charger cable that is at fault or the internal socket of the ac200max or even internal wiring.
No error on screen ac200max

So thank you for your help.
small precision it is not yet a month.
thank you

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Hi @Axelfolly , Can the machine still be turned on? If you can turn on the machine, plug the adapter tightly to see if it can be charged. If you can not turn on the machine, then try PV charging to activate the machine.
The machine is turned off can not continue adapter charging

hello. I found the problem I think. in the testing phase at the moment. in the socket of the 500w charger that comes in the power station, the plastic during the molding protrudes or flows on the interior metal part and comes to cause intermittent bad contact. I removed the excess with a scalpel. Since then everything seems to be working and I no longer have a power cut to the battery when I move the power supply between the charger and the battery. I test a few days and I come back to you. thank you for your support. Alex

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Hello, this morning there were 89% batteries and the charger was on green so it was not charging (ac out at 340W). I moved the wire between the charger and the battery, nothing changed.
I unplugged the charger from the round plug on the AC200max and plugged it back in. miraculously it started charging again. I find it hard to trust. I ordered the adapter to connect the 58v charger to the PV input, we’ll see. I’m worried because the ac200max is hooked up to an oxygen generator and life support at night. it must work without pb. thank you

hello and best wishes 2023, yesterday after successfully charging the ac200max when it was at 100% the charger turns green, which is normal. however the battery is discharging and the charger does not restart the charge it remains green. for charging to resume, the 58v charger must be disconnected from the 220v socket (mains) side and reconnect. Help me please. Or I will return the device to you. I asked for the return of my order but I have no response. If we find a solution I keep the device otherwise I return it. Order No. #SPF-FR-4645

Hello. help me please

Bonjour @Axelfolly , C’est normal. L’adaptateur charge la machine, et l’adaptateur s’arrête de charger lorsque la machine est complètement chargée. Si l’adaptateur veut se recharger, il devra être rebranché.

Hi @Axelfolly , This is normal. The adapter charges the machine, and the adapter will stop charging when the machine is fully charged. Then the adapter wants to re-charge it will have to be re-plugged.

Hello. if I understand what you are saying. if i charge the ac200max with the 58v adapter when the battery is full it stops charging. that’s normal. on the other hand, if there are consumers who draw on the battery, it will drain. shouldn’t the 58V charger resume charging the ac200 max if the battery is empty?? if this is the normal operation the product does not interest me. in fact, it must be permanently connected between the network and the consumers in the event of a power cut, but must be recharged independently.
thank you
on the other hand at the moment if I ranch and reconnect the 58v charger it no longer recharges the ac200max whatever the battery level