I am missing the ac Load Button in Version 2.1.3

I am missing the ac Load Button in Version 2.1.3. for my EP600. :(

Do you mean the AC Load Button disappeared after updating the app?

Yes, unfortunately. Also with my neighbor… so I can rule out a faulty installation

It has been confirmed that the new version of the app has changed from AC On to system switch, which is the same function as the previous AC On.

No, not the System Switch !! The AC Load Switch for AC Charging and other AC Inverter

@Kbuettgen I’m very sorry, but after confirming, this entry to change parameters is closed. Parameters at the meter switch are not allowed to be set randomly.
If you have any further questions about the APP setup, please feel free to contact our service staff in Germany.

Since I mediate some systems and most of the customers prefer an AC charge, I hope that this function is activated out of the box. Regularly, this is deactivated…