Howto feed electricity into the grid

I have read many articles but i have not found a “this is it” answer… So I hope anyone can tell me something about this.

Assumption: Any Bluetti AC or EP-Model, powered up via PV-Modules

How does it work (and does Bluetti sell all components therefore or suggests which to use) to feed constantly power into the grid like a “balcony power station” (Balkonkraftwerk in Germany allows to feed up to 600W into German power grid without official permission) - 24h a day.
This should generally no problem as the battery would be loaded through the day and the feed during the night. A direct from Bluetti AC300 to power grid is not possible es this are two different net types (and there must be a alignment to 50Hz power grid net).

It seems to me, Bluetti does support this only if all devices in our homes would be powered by the Bluetti (own power grid). I would like to get this running in the German “balcony power station” way…

I would not be able to change this, as I am living in a rented flat.

Small hint: There are some new competitors on the market like Zendure with a the Solarflow Product. But this also requires an inverter…

I don’t think the AC300 supports a grid tied export mode. For that to work, it needs to match waveform and limit export power if an only if the external grid is on. The AC300 is more for off-grid power or home backup use. While it is technically portable, at over 100lbs, it is more “transportable” and not really portable.

The upcoming EP900 should support grid tie and allow you to export.

I know there’s more to it than just plugging in a solar generator for DIY grid tie. In Nevada, you have to apply to NVEnergy for permission to grid-tie, then they come out and inspect everything first and you sign mutiple agreements and pay for permits.


My problem is: I do not find a detailed description, how this should be done?

You can find a possible solution in this video (only valid for Germany)

The author describes a combination of “Balkonkraftwerk” and “Nachteinspeisung”


@claus80 Currently, of all BLUETTI’s product lines, only the EP600,900 grid-connected machines can feed into the grid.
The rest are off-grid machines (including AC500 EP500/PRO AC300), which cannot feed the grid
Take EP600 for example, the process of feeding you can refer to the following diagram.

thanks for this picture. To achive “the system provides energy for your own consumption and any surplus is fed into the public grid” - are my devices (TV, Fridge, …) completely disconnected from the public grid?
That means like:
Public Grid
EP600 ff
Home Devices

instead of a parallel installation of EP600 (like balcony powerstation in germany)?

Hi southside
thanks for this video - I guess this will be a “best way” without a EP Model

From what I’ve read, while the whole grid tie system is a great incentive to get people to go solar, not everyone is happy with the results.
Think about it, you “sell” excess energy to the power company, but then you buy it back at night. Now you don’t normally use as much power at night as during the day so there’s some savings there, but people were kind of pissed that even though they were selling a lot of power over a month’s time, the power company still charges a minimum fee per month regardless, and of course all the usual fees.

Just look at all the fees they tack on in Vegas:
Waiting for them to come up with a, “‘No name’ Fee just because we can.”