How to Redeem Points

When I my Bluetti System I received points. How do I redeem those points since I cannot seem to find anything about that on the webpage. I have also been trying to call tech support for almost a month now with no call back. I LOVE the product but the customer support needs some attention…


Yup - the customer service needs attention.

To redeem add a product to your shopping cart and go to checkout. On the checkout page you can choose to redeem points. Make sure you are logged in first.

I added an item to my cart which is the 500 w charging adapter for 149. When I logged into my account it said I had $200 it didn’t mention anything about points. When I went to check out it never asked me for any points or show my $200 bonus bucks. I’m a little confused and do not want to put in my credit card information because they may charge my credit card. Any suggestions…!!

@Mayfieldh ,
Please click on the above page and scroll down. See my screenshot shows, choose one at random and click on it, login to your account to redeem your points.