How to Get EB70S Repaired

I have purchased several Bluetti generators. One of them is an EB70S. I purchased it new from a seller on eBay. I did not realize that the seller was not an authorized seller. I charged it with a 400 watt AC200P charger (I had mistakenly believed than only VOC mattered). It began to smoke, and I unplugged the charger. I was able to continue charging with charger included with EB70S. I was also able to use the EB70S to power my devices. The problem was when I tried to charge the EB70S again. It got hot, but did not charge, either by solar or included AC charger. I understand that it is not covered under warranty because I improperly charged it. I can understand that warranty repairs are not covered for purchases from unauthorized sellers. I was initially told that an out-of-warranty repair would cost $90 plus shipping, and I could live with that. Then, I was told, “Sorry, if it’s not an order from our store, we won’t be responsible for repairing it. Hope you can understand. If you need it in the future, you can purchase it on Bluetti us or Bluetti official.” No, I cannot understand. US support is owned by Bluetti. The EB70S is manufactured by Bluetti. I have purchased over $7,000 worth of Bluetti product and had planned to purchase another $5,000+ more of Bluetti products. I like the products but manufacturer support is completely unacceptable. I do not wish to boycott Bluetti but believe I may be forced to. Is there any way to repair this EB70S that was used only a handful of times instead of sending it to a landfill? Doesn’t seem like too much to ask. Third party solutions would be acceptable as well.


@spud May I ask if you are contacting our official customer service email address
If it is not the above email address, please let me know who got back to you. I will check with the relevant department

I called the telephone support line. The response I later received was from and before that

I have confirmed with EBAY related colleagues.
For machines purchased through unofficial channels, this requires contacting back to your dealer for after-sales handling. We suggest you contact your seller for negotiation.

In other words, there is NO manufacturer support. Not even a viable suggestion. Zero respect for Bluetti the manufacturer. Boycott it is. Negative reviews it is.


@spud Unofficial channel orders cannot be entered into our after-sales repair system, which can make it difficult.
Joy will continue to keep in touch with you. Hope we can get your kind understanding.

Bluetti set it up that way, which does not make it reasonable or understandable or get my EB70S fixed to allow me to not throw it in the trash. Joy told me, “Please don’t worry”, then refused to help in any way whatsoever. How does it benefit Bluetti to anger customers to the point that they decide to never purchase from Bluetti again? Bluetti could charge a fair amount for repair and keep a customer for the future. If my EB70S was not repairable, that would be one thing, but refusing to repair it and telling me “Joy” will keep in touch with me is another. I know Joy will not help in any way. It is Bluetti’s policies that are the issue. Protecting your sales channel is understandable, and you could do that by charging me a fair amount. Alienating a customer does not lead to future purchases. I’m researching alternatives already to planned purchases. At the very least, Bluetti could refer me to third parties who could do the repair. Lack of support does not make me want to give Bluetti thousands more of my dollars in the future.

@spud I understand your frustration, but Bluetti did just say that Joy would be back in contact with you. I cant guarantee what will come of it, but will advocate for Bluetti in that they will do what they can to make this right. Unfortunately in your situation, the purchase wasnt done thru an authorized Bluetti affiliate account, so for “normal” warranty and repair work, this process can be more challenging for them, as they will not have any of your order number/history.

When did you purchase the unit originally, and have you contacted the original “Seller” of the item at all? What was their take on this?

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I have had contact with “Joy” several times, and she has been distinctly unhelpful. I would be very surprised if this changes. As far as Bluetti doing what they can, seeing is believing. I don’t see what is challenging about a not-under-warranty repair. State your price and where to ship it, do the repair for compensation and get paid. I don’t see how an order number or history would matter for a paid repair. Unit originally purchased 8-31-23 - again don’t see how this is relevant if not under warranty. I contacted the seller, and they directed me to contact Bluetti, while Bluetti directed me to contact seller/buzz off. Clear to me that manufacturer would need to be involved, since they possess repair expertise. Punishing me because I unknowingly purchased from unauthorized seller makes me angry. Don’t expect future purchases though if that is the non-resolution.

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You are correct with your understanding of VOC matters. The AC200P charger voltage is 58.5 volts which greatly exceeds the upper limit of acceptable charging voltage. In my personal opinion…regarding diagnosing, repairing your damaged machine, and cost of two way shipping plus parts and labor would not be worth the monies involved. This is not unique to this product as the market has moved in this direction for almost everything.

Providing me information and options would have gone over immeasurably better than a brush-off and double-talk. “This is what it would cost if you wish to proceed…” A small measure of helpfulness, even if repair was prohibitively expensive would have gone a long way.

@spud Who knows, she might still be working on getting you that information? Give it a couple days and see what comes from it. I have heard of users being able to buy items like replacement screens for instance, for outside of warranty situations. She might be looking into options.

Read again her last message:

“Sorry, if it’s not an order from our store, we won’t be responsible for repairing it. Hope you can understand. If you need it in the future, you can purchase it on Bluetti us or Bluetti official.”

Clearly, she isn’t working on getting me information.

Where are you located? Here in the US?? I personally would call 1-800-200-2980 which is their number, and see if you can get in touch with someone from the Las Vegas office. Believe they might even have a place in California but not positive on that… but they might be able to assist you? Worth a shot at least.

For awhile, I thought I was getting somewhere:

" From: 陈泓羽
Sent: Wednesday, April 5, 2023 10:51 PM
To: rrcrandall
Subject: 回复:回复:Repair of Out of Warranty EB70S

Dear customer,
I apologize for rejecting your request directly because we have never had an order that was not from our store repaired in our warehouse before. After applying to the warehouse again, their response was that it could be repaired. But the round-trip shipping and repair costs need to be borne by oneself. Did you mention earlier that the EB70S burned out after inserting a 400W adapter? In this case, the repair cost is $100, and the specific time for completing the repair is also uncertain. If you can accept this situation, we will help you repair it. Looking forward to your early reply.

Please feel free to contact us if any further questions, thank you.
Best regards,
Bluetti Support Team"

And more seemingly “reasonable” communication:

Dear customer,
Thank you for your reply.
The fee issue has been resolved. We would like to confirm the entire repair and payment process with you.

  1. You need to send the EB70S back to our warehouse at your own expense. This is the address of our warehouse:
    Recipient: BLUETTI eBay-US REPAIR
    Address: 1111 Jupiter Rd, 108D, Plano, TX, 75074
    Phone: 1-800-200-2980
  2. Be sure to provide me with the tracking number information after sending it out.
  3. After the repair is completed, we will provide a PayPal account and you will need to pay (repair fee+courier fee). After the payment is successful, we will send the repaired EB70S back to you.
    This is our entire repair process.

Pls, feel free to contact us if any further questions, thank you.
BLUETTI Support Team"

Then, above “reasonable” communication rescinded:

“Dear customer,
Sorry for any inconvenience.
During the process of inquiring about the company’s payment account, I was asked about the status of this order and learned that the customers without order information made it impossible to provide repair services. Because our maintenance registration system needs to record order information. I’m sorry for not communicating well with the internal of our company before and conveying the wrong information to you.
Here suggest you contact the customers of the original store to provide a solution or find a repair shop for repairs, which can also reduce the cost of round-trip shipping. If you have any purchasing needs in the future, you can contact us to obtain a 10% discount coupon. All in all, I am really sorry.
Best regards,
Bluetti Support Team”

That is vaunted Bluetti “manufacturer service” for you. What a joke!

Bluetti CAN repair for the reasonable cost of $100, they JUST REFUSE TO, saying it is impossible without an order number. Absolute tripe!

We are very sorry for the trouble caused you by the inappropriate handling of our EBAY colleagues. But the agent has the agent’s after-sales policy, we can’t intervene, otherwise, it will violate the relevant regulations. So it is suggested that you find the purchase shop responsible for after-sales.

I will also propose to the relevant departments to improve this after-sales maintenance channel.

They removed my Better Business Bureau “F” rating link and put my account on hold.