How to get alternator energy into EP500Pro

Hi, using this in a van.
This unit has only one DC input, which I’ve reserved for solar
So bringing in another power source from the alternator would have be converted to AC.

Would the answer be as simple as getting a DC charger/inverter between the starter battery and the AC input on EP500Pro?

It would be that simple assuming your alternator has sufficient additional capacity to handle the load increase, your cables from the battery to the inverter are sized correctly and you have a good location to mount the inverter as close to the battery as possible.

Thanks for the response!

I believe so - I have a 220Amp alternator

I only wonder if getting a dc to dc charger and inverter vs getting a combo is safer.

You can use more than one DC source but isolated with diodes so the sources don’t cross power into each other.

I just realized that the settings allow for two DC inputs and allows user to specify whether for PV charging or others
Even though there is only one DC input receptacle on the EP500pro, there are two pairs of connector wires on the DC connector plug that comes with the unit.

So if I don’t have to invert the alternator charge from DC to AC anymore, do I have to regulate it before it comes into EP500pro?

Thanks in advance!

Heard from BLUETTI support

Even tho settings allow for pv or others they both must be both panels or both lead acid charging

Wonder if I can still use the dc step up ten former and then push it to an inverter into the ac input

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated