How to get 240V for a pumphouse

I’m a Bluetti dealer, trying to help out a customer. The AC200Max would be the perfect product for his pumphouse, but his pumps are 240V. I see there’s a 240v option for the AC200Max in the EU, if I get a europlug pigtail to wire into his system would that do the trick?

@SKKitsap This is not feasible.
Because in low-voltage areas like US/CA, the 240V output has two fire wires, formed by two 120V wires. While in high-voltage areas like Europe, the 240V has only one fire wire, which is different.

I built a unit to get the 240v. I got a 5000w 48v MTTP inverter that had 240v and 120v output from Amazon. It runs our well pump very well. Along with the battery and other parts (fuse, wire, breakers, etc), it was $2300.