How to correctly store AC200Max & B230 Batteries

I have an AC200Max connected to two B230 batteries, with a further two B230’s ready to be swapped in if required which are all stored fully charged to be used in a rural fire prone location in Australia when grid power fails.
I understand that storing batteries at 100% is not ideal however as the purpose of this setup is for emergency power use it is important to have maximum capacity available.
My question is how often should I cycle the system and down to what level should I discharge the batteries to before recharging them to 100%.
The system has been utilised several times and it is comforting to know available when required.
Appreciate your thoughts.

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I would cycle three times per year

Thanks for the reply.

What level would you deplete each unit to before recharging?

Again, input appreciated.

I would draw down to 0%