How to connect many 12 volt items

Thinking of purchasing one of the AC200 units {2000 watts} for my cargo trailer conversion to an RV and my question is how can I run and connect to the unit the 12 volt water pump, 12 volt hot water heater and the lights and 12 volt fans. If I connect al to a distribution box and then on off switches for each… hpw do I get power from the unit to fhese items, There are no terminals, do I just use the 12 volt plug???

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Welcome to the community @Davelobstertales !!

First off congrats on the new AC200!! You’re gonna love it! There’s a few options and ways to go for your build… you can use the 25a/12v aviation port from the bluetti and wire it directly to your fuse box, plug each of your appliances into their designated DC outputs on the unit itself, or perhaps easiest would be to simply plug your “shore” line directly into the AC receptacle of the ac200.

Here’s a nice link to a one of the many discussions where this is talked about on this site. You can search 12v fuse box and probably find a lot more too.

Cheers and let us know if you have any other questions!

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@Davelobstertales also here’s a link to the 12v/25a aviation plug if you haven’t picked one up yet!!

We wired from our AC200P 25 amp DC port using a Bluetti RV cable over to an enclosure that contains our Blue Sea 12 port Fuse Panel. We then power our MaxxAir Fan, Fridge, several LED lights, charger ports… from one fuse panel. I used an Anderson Powerpole on the front of the enclosure so it is plug and play for connecting DC power to our van.

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The Anderson powerpole that you put in the front of the box comes with the 2 wires to connect to the fuse box ?
Where can I get one ?
Do you leave the Blueeti on DC so you turn on the the articles mentioned all the time?
What is the drain on the watts when not using items?
Can you turn on the 110 outlets when the 12 volt DC button is on?

Really appreciate the come back and info … really a newbie with the electrical stuff …Thanks again.


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Those photos were great Thanks again


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Hello Dave,

I ordered the Anderson connector to pigtail from They are not the cheapest but have excellent service and get things out fast. However, In order to wire from the rear of the Anderson to my fuse panel, I did still need the Anderson crimp tool and some 30 amp pins. I imagine you could also order this from powerwerx if you didn’t want to make your own. I also use their bonded cable. I purchase it in 10, 12, 14 and 16 gauge. Also found on amazon. The bonded red/black cable is easier to work with then individual red and black.

When traveling and camping, we do leave the Bluetti DC on all the time. The AC inverter side stays off as the only thing we have that uses AC power is our ebike chargers. Since they draw a ton of watts (about 475 watts each) we just charge the ebikes when we have shore power. It is nice knowing we have the inverter side of the Bluetti though and could do a quick charge up on the ebikes though.

I don’t actually know what the Bluetti DC draw is when the DC is on but nothing is using it. I think it is pretty minimal. I will try and find this out. It does of course show 0 watts on the display but I do think I have read that there is the conversion from the battery 50v down to 12v that requires energy.

We can’t leave our Bluetti or even Lithium batteries in our van during the summer as it gets well over 110 inside and so we wanted something that when we return from camping or traveling, we could easily move out of the van. The Anderson connector makes it very easy. It also allows us to use a EB70 in place of the AC200P as a backup. I just built a cable for the EB70 DC port to an Anderson connector. Keep us posted with how you do your setup!

Thank you,

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Oh and Dave, would love to see some pictures of the Cargo Trailer sometime.

Will do but it might be a while the trailers and the things I need to complete seem to have a wait time. Dave

Hi @Davelobstertales,

It only draws little when you you don’t use items.
Here are some pictures for your reference:

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