How to connect EB70 correctly

Hello! I have seen a lot of video reviews about EB70 and manuals but as a result get 2 different ways in how to charge with AC wall outlet:

  1. Plug cable to AC wall outlet and only after that to the EB70
  2. Plug cable to the EB70 and only after to wall outlet
    I just want to understand the order and not harm the device. Please help what order is correct

Could you help? Anyone?

Hi @Kostiantyn , The two ways you mentioned are available, don’t worry.


Thank you! I got another question: should I turn on AC power button and then plug in device to EB70 or should I plug in device first and on only then turn on AC power?

It is recommended that you connect the two first, and then turn on the power.

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Thank you for your answer