How to check cycle count?

Hi, is there a way to check cycle count in the BMS? It’s quite usual for a BMS to produce such a number for a LiFePO4 battery, but I’m unable to locate it. Unless I miss something obvious. Thanks


You’re not missing anything there is No way to check the cycle for us I’m afraid. But maybe bluetti have something in the software that they can see.

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That would be a good feature to have but would no doubt produce additional customer issues who did mot feel they were receiving sufficient battery cycle capacity. I have a few Montek products that display battery cycles.

A LiFePo4 battery is generally rated at, as an example, 4,000 cycles to 80% depth of cycle (DOC) from full. At which time the battery is generally still able to provide 80% of its rated Ah.
However, if you cycle to say 50% DOC, you will get more than 4,000 cycles and if only 25% DOC more cycles again. There are many factors that affect cycle life, to mention but a few, temperature, humidity, rate of discharge and charging methods. Therefore in my opinion, it ends up as, “How long is a piece of string”. In other words almost impossible to determine. The key factors to consider are; Don’t abuse it by trying to do more than it can and charge it in accordance with guide lines.
Two examples are, if you constantly use power lifting modes or charge using the Turbo mode regularly, don’t expect to get the same lifespan as modest current draw and charging in silent mode. More…

I use an AC180 in my RV to power the microwave and a few other smaller devices. I often recharge at around 65% SOC and use silent mode AC or solar to recharge. When possible, I also only charge to 85% full. These processes are kinder to any Lithium and I expect to get a long reliable service from the 180, all things being equal. :)

Thanks. I was thinking there should be an engineer or service menu with more details on the usage. E.g., use time if not cycle count?