how to charge with a surge surge protector on camp grounds shore power

so my plan is to buy an ac200max to power all my stuff and be charged mostly by solar but I also want to charge it when I go to camping grounds and be connected to the shore and gain charge it that way too using the tc500 ac adapter but before connecting that to the campground power i want to get a surge protector.
so my question is what type of surge protectors is there all I see is 15A to 30A but all I need is a 15A to 15A or am I missing something?
so the order will be

  1. this surge protector is connected to the camp power
  2. 15A extension connected to the surge protector
  3. connected to shore power plug outside my van(like all vans and RV’s)
  4. to tc500 ac
  5. then to ac200max
    that is the order I want to do but I don’t see any adapter for it

@camorlinga Your connection sequence with no problem. Surge protectors are available in 15A, the following is for your reference.