how to charge a 12v lead acid battery with the pv120 solar panel

I would like to charge my own 12v leisure batteries with the pv120 solar panel as well as my EB3A. but It doesn’t come with a mppt. so the mppt is build in the bank EB3A. I ask on there ebay sale guy but without any luck. I think u can charge 12v acid leisure battery with other devices but I can’t Seam to buy a cable with mc4 connector with crocodile clips. how do I do this. would I have to buy a separately mppt for my portable solar panel. I thought i could have use it for multi purposes rather just charging my EB3A

@jackiewren PV120 and EB3A cannot charge a 12V battery directly.
PV120 requires a solar conntroller to charge a 12V battery. EB3A will not charge a 12V battery unless a special adapter and charger are available.

Search amazon for “charge controller” and you will find a plethora of small inexpensive charger controllers that you connect to your panels and from the charge controller to your batteries.

are there special adapters for this

so is easy as that. I didn’t realise the panel didn’t have a mppt so I could charge multiple devices thanks