💙How things evolved…with Bluetti💙

Back in the days when something like an ice storm fall in we were using means from the past to live through the storm. Using candles, oil lamps, ice chest etc etc.
Back in the days, phones where always working.

Nowadays we can rely on Bluetti equipment to help us maintain our ordinary life. Instead of candle lights we can plug lamps on our batteries. Thanks to the Bluetti backup system we can run fridge, freezer, watch tv, run the internet etc.
Furthermore we can recharge these awesome machines via solar panels.
Wow that’s quite an improvement, thanks Bluetti.:blue_heart: Now with all that in our toolbox we can stay cool :sunglasses: facing bad weather.


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Thats a really unique and interesting post. Thanks for sharing with us!

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@Bblue From candles to landline phones, and now transitioning to BLUETTI? The pace seems a bit fast! LOL :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Glad to know that the AC200MAX and B230 (hopefully not mistaken) have brought convenience to your life! :blue_heart: :blue_heart:

Yep times are changing…The back in the days period I’m referring to is 1998. In January of that winter the Québec was struck by an ice storm leaving us without electricity for 28 days.

Last December we received a wake up call when the power was cut on Christmas evening by a winter storm.
That was the spark that ignited our « get ready « moves. We in the following days ordered from BLUETTI an ac 200 Max with 2 b-230 batteries.

Later in spring we ordered solar panels and an ac 180 unit. During the summer of 2023, wild fires in the northern region, took many residents of the country by surprise. Smoke causes power shut down in the middle of summer.
Now thanks to BLUETTI,we are ready for the next incoming and unpredictable weather.:blue_heart: