How Many Watts Total Do I Get From Connecting (2) EP500 pros with a Fusion Box?

I am confused about this Solar Kit (for EP500 pros) implies you get 6,000 watts when using the Fusion Box. Is that true?

According to Blueitti’s website for the EP500Pro Fusion Box its Function: “Is used to connect two BLUETTI power stations to double the rated power/voltage/capacity* (Not for current).”

I am confused? *Doe this mean doubling the watts too? Hence the question. I am a newbie be easy on me. :grinning: Thanks!

UPDATE: I found this on the Kickstarter Campaign in the FAQ section:

Under Split Phase Bonding mode, the total load power of all AC ports (on the machine and Split Phase Fusion Boxes) can not exceed 4000W for EP500 (6000W for EP500Pro). So I guess the total wattage when using the Fusion box is 6000 watts for the pro version. Please correct me if I am wrong…

I have the fusion box hooked up to my ep500. Hear is the scoop. You get 3000 watts on each side of the fusion box from one ep500 and 3000 watts on the other side of the fusion box from the 2nd ep500. The 6000 watts is from the 240 volt plug only. That is because both EP500 feeds one leg each of the 240 volt plug. I hope that clears up the website data.

Yes, that does! - Thank you!

Maybe you would know this?:

  • What if you have both the ep500 (connected to the fusion box) AND that is connected to Smart Home Panel feeding the home? Would that only provide 3000 watts (even though) two ep500pros are connected together for the house?

I really appreciate your advice. Thank you!

Depends are where you connect the Smart Home Panel. If you plug it into the 240 volt plug then you will get your 6000 watts. I open my circuit breaker box and put cords on six different circuits and then plug them into the Fusion Box. I had a electrician do it, so be very careful with this operation.

I’m having the same problem. Could you combine the capacity by foregoing the fusion box and having one EP500’s output plugged into the other’s charging input? Or will that cause problems?