How loud is the CHARGING ENHANCER (D050S) fan?


I will use the AC200Max in my Van.
The Fan from the standard Charging Adapter is very loud.
Is the Fan from the D050S also so loud?


@bluesmash As soon as the adapter gets heated up, the fan will automatically turn on. If you think the sound is loud, you can put it far away when charging.

Is the D050s fan temperature regulated?
The fan from the standard charging adapter runs all the time and in the camper van, this is annoying.

I can’t put the charger that far away in the camper ;)

I have two of them and if its charging its just as loud as the AC adapter charger. Sounds like the same fan to me.

D050S has no fan temperature regulation, it will run as soon as it is turned on.
The adapter works as soon as it is plugged into the socket, so it is recommended that you unplug it when you don’t need to charge it.