How EP600 is loud

Hello All,

Could you please help me with questions how ep600 is loud?
Regarding documentation it has 48dB of noise level. Is this loud in real life? What about sleeping in other room?
Is noise level constant or, for example, it much low with 100-200w power consumption and 48dB only for 6000w or on charging.

Thanks you.

hmm, I don’t really sleep in my garage ;-)
I would describe the noise level as that of an average room fan, not very quiet, but not too loud either. You can easily have a conversation or watch TV next to it, …
The fans don’t run constantly, only when the inverter is under a higher load (charging or discharging). The fan does not run at minimum consumption or even standby.

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I don’t have a garage :slight_smile:

Average level is ok for day. And night consumption is near 100w (fridge + router).
But charging at night looks like a little problem. Dilemma between “charge in 2 hours” and “try to sleep” :frowning:

I have battery from other vendor and on full power it’s like “jet engine” when discharging/charging :slight_smile:

Hi @Qwerty

as a reference, thats how loud 48 dB are:

  • 30 dB: Whispering nearby
  • 40 dB: Quiet library sounds
  • 50 dB: Refrigerator, A quiet residential street, A quiet conversation

    So i would say, its suiteable for sleep.

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