How does Solar Charging work with power output

Regarding the ac200p, if you had 500 watts of power continuously coming in during the day and you only consumed 300 watts will that power pull from the battery and recharge itself as it goes or will the power directly come from solar without draining the battery.

I’m not clear if the battery is constantly being drained and supplying the power or if it only gets used when there is not enough solar energy coming in. Goes without saying I’m in the process of trying to understand solar options a little better so anyone who can clarify this for me or tell me what the name/term of what I’m asking is, it would be appreciated.


All the power feeds through the batteries whether incoming or outgoing. You can charge while using the AC or DC outputs but it is not a direct pass through charge where you are using the incoming charging power directly.

But…don’t worry too hard about using the “batteries”. With the life cycles they have by the time you start to have any serious battery degradation, you will have products that product more power with increased capacity, have additional features and be less costly at the same time. It will be kind of worrying about how long your phone will last when it will be somewhat obsolete feature and capability wise when that time comes.


Scott thank you, I had assumed this was the case. I understand the unit has a over 3000 cycles of charging which even if run constantly would equate to 10 years service at least for me before seeing any impact on performance. Thank you again for clarifying this.