How do you pronounce Buletti?

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So when I called on the phone to ask about a longer interconnect cable, the customer service representative pronounced it Blue-Etti but in the youtube FAQ videos on the Bluetti site the lead pronounces it Blue-T.

Does anyone know the real pronunciation?

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It depends on the culture. Most U.S. citizens will pronounce it as Blu E tti ( three sounds), while foreigners and Spanish speakers, such as myself, see the name as Blue tti and pronounce it as two sounds. I had no problem speaking it as Blue tti and understood by Bluetti support. So it really does not matter how you wish to pronounce it. Have fun!

@Steve-mobile-user Hi, you can pronounce Bluetti as Blue T. Bluetti stands for Blue Sky, Technology, Tomorrow, and Innovation, which carries our team’s vision of using innovation and technology to provide sustainable and clean energy for the blue planet.


Thanks Guys - That is really helpful.

Ah it make sense now!
The English word Blue and Chinese sound for Sky.
Blue 天 > Blue Tiān > Blue-tti

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