How do we need to ground a vehicle mounted AC240?

I have a 750W Bluetti that I have solar charged and used extensively for 5 years, and now a new AC240. And have been astounded at the lack of info the latter came with. Not to mention all the weird ports that I have never seen before, But I need the bigger power source for my off grid work now that I am working alone, and from an electric van, Yes the 70 lbs AC240 is mounted in my eTransit. So it is crucial I get the grounding right, as I do not want to mess with the van’s batteries.

When I draw 110 V I get a grounding error, so I assume I need to drive a spike into the dirt, right? I had also hoped I could draw from its 220V plug, but it is not standard. Why? & Why are alll the USB such high wattage? and what is a Power Bleed? Is Power Lift only for charging? or for high wattage use too?

There is no User Friendly manual for this AC240 Bluetti, so can we write one here? (This Bluetti is made by Shenzhen Poweroak) I hope so, because I have a lot of research in remote places to finish this summer. And not enough time to look for a better explained solar generator.

I hope for advice. Thank you.

@walksdogs BLUETTI portable power stations are floating ground and you will need a neutral ground plug.
Also, if you have the US version 110V AC240, it cannot output 220V unless you are using a transformer.