How do I unlink my AC300 from the Bluetti App?

Hi everyone,

I recently gave my AC300 to my relatives.

I originally purchased the AC300 and linked it to my account on the bluetti app. How do I unlink it from my bluetti app account, so that my relatives can create a bluetti app account and link the AC300 to their bluetti app account?

Please note; I’ve tried to reach out to customer support & technical support via both email and also calling their +1 702-463-4792 US support number; voicemail boxes are all full; no one is responding to any correspondence of mine.

I’m hoping someone here can either let Bluetti know of their voicemail box issue or just directly help me with this.


Hi @Aduviel ,
You can refer to the following chart for the steps of unbinding the machine and APP.

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Dear Admin,
A new version of BLUETTI application has been installed on my iPhone this weekend.
I have a problem: I can’t access my AC300 in wifi mode.
And it worked before.
My serial number is 2231000430184.
Can you help me ?
Is there a patch ?
Thank you.
Best regard.

Hi @BertrandD , Please check whether the WiFi password is correct, and whether the BLUETTI app has opened networking permissions?

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Hi Bluetti Admin,
Thank you for your message. It is working now.
Kind regards

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