How do I replace/reset fuse on inverter EB55?

I wasn’t paying attention to the wattage on a circular saw that I plugged into my EB55 and blew the fuse/circuit. I am hoping that this is a simple fix such as replacing a fuse. I sent an email to for help Any ideas? Thanks for any help you can give.

Usually unplugging everything and turning the unit off for a few minutes will reset most faults. If you actually damaged something inside its toast, nothing you can replace.

I haven’t used it since. I’ll try it again, maybe it will work. Most electrical things have a fuse. So if it still doesn’t work, I will wait for support response. Thanks.

Yeah there may be a fuse somewhere but I would think the BMS would shut the unit down first.

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@dcantrell hey man yea I would first try “resetting” it as mentioned above and if that doesn’t work, shoot an email to BEFORE tearing into the unit looking for a fuse. They tend to void any warranties if the units housing has been “tampered” with.

Best of luck and keep us posted bud

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All you have to do is press the AC button to turn off and press again to turn it back on again. You may have to press and hold it for a second or so…can’t remember

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**Who is “THEY”.

Bluetti ?

Of course “they” refers to Bluetti. No manufacturer wants their product taken apart and potentially damaged.