How do I purchase a p150d to p090d cable?

I can’t find this cable available anywhere? The Bluetti YouTube video says it’s available on the website. I can’t find it

I’ve only seen it on the their Indiegogo campaign site. I ordered one with my AC500 and it showed an estimated delivery of December but I believe that’s been updated to sometime in November now. I would assume that’s about when it would be available on their website, but hopefully sooner.

Hi @carl , for the P150D to P090D cable you can purchase via below link

As far as I’m concerned this cable should be given to anyone owning the AC300/B300 system for the single reason the Bluetti marketing states the AC500 is “compatible” with the B300 unit! In my mind compatible means I can just connect the AC500 to my B300 units the way its shipped! If compatible means you need a separate cable then it should be stated in the marketing propaganda!!! Again, in my mind this is blatant false advertising!!! Thanks Bluetti!!! I ordered my AC500’s under the thought my B300 units could just be connected! Then months after ordering they state an adapter cable is required!!! Not even a discount for previous owners of Bluetti systems, i.e. AC300!

I’m in the same boat as @DuAlac22. Spending an extra $200 because Bluetti hid the “compatibility” behind a required cable. Was previously a fairly happy owner but now I’m on the hunt for an alternative for future builds.