How do i know which system is right for me?

I live in a rainy climate where there are 70+ sunny days and 90+ partly sunny days a year. I will run a computer at least 8 hours a day. I also have a fridge and a microwave. For vanlife, what system is best for me?

I recommend evaluating or calculating the total or maximum power consumption in watts, then multiply that by the hours you need to operate. The different power stations are rated by maximum power output (multiply their model number by ten; for example, the EB55 will allow 550 watts output), But some have fixed energy ratings (power in watts x running hours = watt-hours) and the larger models can add batteries to them, up to 24,000 watt-hours or 24 kWh.

So get the correct power rating in watts from your computer and fridge, then multiply by those hours. Add them up and that is the minimum power station size you need. Return to this forum with your numbers.