How do I install neutral block into Sub-panel Switch?

Dear Bluetti Support,

I purchased a Bluetti EP500pro and the Bluetti UPS Sub-panel

I’m installing the sub-panel for the first time but I’m getting no power when the switch is in the #1 position.

I received one of the early sub-panels, and the neutral block was not installed. Bluetti sent me the neutral block but they did not send a wiring diagram to show me how to install it into the sub-panel switch.

Please send me a DETAILED wiring diagram to show me how to install this neutral block into the switch of the sub-panel.

Hi Bill,
ryangamo shared the 2 missing files in dropbox on Apr 27.
Look in the EP500 topic “Anyone with Smart Home Panel Installed?” to find the links. You really only need the Install Instructions file. It has the same revised schematic as the Smart Home Panel manual. The drawings of the mode switch seem to be rotated 180 degrees from the “as-built” switch, and the supplied wires are almost too short, but it can work with some effort. Read the other posts to see how others solved the puzzle.

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Hi @Bill.L , welcome to BLUETTI community!
We can certainly send you the wiring diagram. Are you using single phase mode or split phase mode please?

Thanks for welcoming me into the Bluetti community, it’s great to be here!
Yes, please send me the wiring diagram.
I have my EP500pro set to single-phase mode because I only have one EP500pro. (I think single-phase mode is the only mode available with one EP500pro but not sure)
Also, right now I’m getting two alarm codes:
011 H-Bus Voltage High
012 Bus Voltage High.
Please let me know why I may be getting these alarm codes.
Note: I used a double pole breaker in the main panel to supply both 110volt lines to the double pole breaker in the sub-panel and was wondering if that is causing the alarm codes.

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Hi @Bill.L , Thank you for your reply confirmation, I am sending you the wiring diagram of EP500PRO single phase mode, please refer to the following diagram

Another thing I want to confirm with you is: is the machine connected to nothing and reports an error as soon as it is turned on? We suggest you to upgrade to the latest firmware first

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